Where do roses grow in the United States?

The most common roses grown in America; Usually The roses grown today, which we see in pink, white, red, yellow, orange colors, are three Rosa gallica, Rosa indica and Rosa lutea. American climbing roses; roses commonly used in landscaping and is used in pergolas, columns, on the trunks of old trees. they are effective at wrapping. They have eye-catching colors and grow fast. There are small and abundant blooms as well as large blooms.

How to grow roses from seed in America Production by Seed

On the one hand, it is used to obtain wild young plants, as a rootstock plant for grafting. is used. On the other hand, it is also used for researching new varieties for non-commercial purposes. All amateurs like to sow seeds, collecting the ripe seeds of roses in their gardens. However, it is rare to produce good quality roses with these sowing. The seeds must come from disease-free, healthy plants. is the right thing to buy. They must be clean, pure, heavy, plump and have full germination ability. Rose seeds are quite hard. It does not germinate the year it is sown. To facilitate germination in the fall The collected and cleaned seeds are subjected to folding. The seeds are kept in the fold until spring. When the weather starts to warm up, they are gradually watered. Germinated seeds are placed in crates or are sown in pans at 10 cm intervals. If sowing is too frequent, it is necessary to ensure that young plants develop well.

Preparing Soil to Grow Roses Well in America

Where are most of the United States roses grown

In order for roses to root easily and quickly, develop and grow rapidly, the soil must be very good. need to be prepared. Deep cultivation in the case of new soils that have never been cultivated is necessary. On light soils dominated by sand, heavy fertilizers (Compound fertilizers, preferably cattle manure) gives the best results. Horse manure mixed with straw on heavy soils (dominated by clay) fertilizer is suitable. Evergreen plant in clay-calcareous soils residues, peat and animal waste can be used. The soil must also be drained. Water retention roses should not be planted in places. If a small number of roses are to be planted, if possible a month ago, 40-50 cm. deep and 50 cm. width pits are dug. The soil removed the top part on one side and the bottom layer on another. is separated to the side. Many seedlings in a bed if the selected place is to be planted with plenty of burnt fertilizer mixed and dug field-style. The pits are dug then it opens. Weeds in this area and large weeds, if any. stones are removed. It is a plant that consumes a lot of nutrients the soil should be fertilized every year. Surrounding roses with burnt manure in autumn completely covered. In this way, both roots from the cold and it will be protected and the soil is nutritious enriches.

How often to water roses in the United States?

Roses require adequate watering from planting. The time and amount of watering is determined by the environment. conditions, soil structure, and plant growth, but shoot and during the summer months, the rose needs more water. After pruning, flower cutting period and the water requirement in the winter months is less. Since the rose is a hardy plant, it does not dry out easily even if it is not watered much. However, its flowers shrink and new does not give buds. The plant cannot develop. New seedlings may dry out if not watered regularly. Roses with abundant watering it develops continuously and does not remain without flowers. However, it should not wait for water at the bottom. For the ideal watering, make a slight depression around the rose bush. 1-2 times a week this hole is filled with water. is filled. Just wetting the soil is not enough. Watering little and often does more harm than good. Potted roses should be watered more often.

Roses in the United States of America

Rose, whose homeland is Anatolia, Asia, Iran and China, is a perennial flowering plant. There are more than three hundred species and tens of thousands of varieties in the world. In America, there are 25 varieties of roses. Rose, a type of flower that is in high demand in cut floriculture, is also popular in the cosmetics industry. How should roses, which bloom for a long time when cared for correctly, be cared for? What should those who want to grow roses in pots or vases pay attention to? Where do roses come from in the US? Do roses grow in the US?

How to Prune Roses in the United States?

Rose Pruning; When the correct care is applied, the rose blooms continuously. The flowering times of roses vary depending on the type of plant and seasonal conditions. However, in general, they can bloom for an average of 20-25 days in summer and 30-40 days in winter. In the event that the flowers wither completely, the plant should be pruned correctly and the plant should be rested to allow new flowers to bloom. Pruning methods are generally applied as hard pruning, medium pruning and light pruning. In hard pruning, branches that have opened their buds and shed all their flowers are cut. The whole plant is the pruned to a length of 15 or 25 cm, leaving four shoots from the root. In medium pruning, ten shoots are left from the root and pruned to a length of 45 or 60 cm. Light pruning is generally used for roses with short stems.

Climate Requirements of the Rose in America

Where do roses grow in the United States

The oil rose is surrounded by open air, plenty of light, dry in spring and It likes climatic regions where there is no frost and dew falls during flowering. Oil in our country rose production is mostly done in and around Isparta. Therefore, our Isparta region has a suitable climate for growing roses. The maximum temperature in summer is 38 degrees Celsius. does not exceed and does not fall below 15 degrees Celsius in winter, and the average annual precipitation It likes the transition regions with a relative humidity of 500-600 mm and a relative humidity of 60-70%. Since our region is a lake region, the relative humidity is sufficient. Soil Requirements of Rose: Rose is not very selective in terms of soil requirements. However, it does not like too clay-calcareous and heavy soils. Slightly sandy-loamy and shale, drained soils likes it. Since the rose is a woody plant and has a long life span, soil cultivation because it is necessary and because it has soils suitable for cultivation in the above-mentioned soils, no difficulty in tillage.

Roses, which belong to the Rosa family of fragrant plants, can be grown effortlessly if the right methods are applied. To grow rose bushes at home, it is necessary to choose the soil and the area where the pot will be located well. Roses, which love mild climates and clay soil, are essentially suitable for growing at different temperatures and in various soil types.

When to plant roses in America?

The ideal time to plant roses is between March and April, depending on weather conditions. However, you can plant roses in pots when you can get a few hours of sun a day and when the weather is not intensely hot or cold. How to sow rose seeds? After buying rose seeds, soak them in water for 2-3 days to moisturize them, then wash them in plenty of water and remove the shells. Put the seeds in a jar and keep it at a temperature of 3-5 degrees and apply perlite treatment. Then empty the seeds on newspaper. Sort out the unhealthy ones, select the germinated ones and place them under the surface of loose, airy soil.