You can grow tomatoes in California. You can grow your own tomatoes, especially in gardens. Tomato is a popular vegetable used in breakfast and meals. In California, people can grow tomatoes in their gardens. Protected Cultivation of Tomato? Do tomatoes grow year round in California? How often do you water tomatoes in California? ​While choosing the crops to be planted, it is important to choose the varieties which are appropriate for the growing season and have a potential of healthy growing, high productivity and long shelf-life. The appropriate sowing time for tomato changes depending on the growing environment and region. Do tomatoes grow year round in Southern California? When should I plant tomatoes in Southern California? How long do tomatoes grow in Southern California?

Best Planting Times for Tomatoes

What month do you plant tomatoes?, Do tomatoes grow year round in California?, When should I plant tomatoes in Northern California?, What tomatoes grow best in California?, It is appropriate to sow tomato seeds at the end of July and beginning of August for the Fall season, in the middle of September and the first week of October for the single crop season, at the end of November and the first week of December for the Spring season. When the cotyledons leaves of tomato seedlings are wide open and parallel to the ground, they are transplanted into plastic bags or viols. Seedlings ready for plantation should be planted in double-row system from north to south. Planting measure is 45-15X20 inches for double crop growing and 40-20×15 inches for single crop growing. Seedlings which have 4 to 6 leaves are ready for plantation. In fall season, planting should be done in time when the seedling is still small. 

In what month is tomato planting done in California?

Time to plant tomatoes in Northern California?

In Southern and Northern California, tomatoes can be planted in March, April, and May. Fertilization should be done in accordance with the results of soil and leaf analysis. In fall season cultivation, the greenhouses should be covered with a fine muslin to protect against white flies. In single crop and spring seasons, mulch and heat curtain can be used for forcing and saving from energy. The subsoil, which is 10-15 inches under the soil, should be broken once in two or three years.

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