Things to consider if you are going to grow African violet in pots in America; The African violet likes widespread pots instead of deep pots. The pot width should be slightly larger than the diameter of the plant. Pots that are too small or large will not be suitable. A drainage hole at the bottom of the pots is essential. Because if the water stays in it and does not drain away, the African violet will rot.

African violet soil preparation in America, When caring for African violets, you should not take the soil from the garden and fill it. Violet soil should be light, moisture-retaining, and provide oxygen to the roots. For the African violet soil mixture, you can use 1 part peat, 1 part perlite or pumice and 1 part vermiculite.

Does the African violet like the sun in America? The African violet likes light, but its leaves can burn in direct sunlight. Light filtered through a curtain is more suitable. You can place it in front of a window behind a curtain. If it is placed in the center of the house, it will not grow because it will not get enough sun. Depending on the light intensity, you should choose west or north windows.

How to care for an African violet in America

How to water African violets in the United States? Watering is one of the most important features when caring for African violets. The soil must dry between two waterings. Chlorine-free water at room temperature should be used. If there is water left in the watering substrate 10-15 minutes after watering, it should be drained.

Is it possible to keep African violets on the balcony in the United States? African violet likes indoors rather than on the balcony. It can grow between 21-27 degrees during the day and 16-21 degrees at night. Its development slows down when it comes to below or above these degrees.

Does the African Violet Grow Well in America?

The African Violet is a very popular plant for its ease of care and appearance. preferred by many people in terms of its characteristics, cultivated is a popular ornamental flower. With flowers of different colors and shapes, they are cute with its leaves, a house that never goes out of style. is a flower. The African Violet flower is very preferred the main feature is the variety of flower colors. The flowers are blue, purple, white, navy blue, white on the edges, blue in the middle, red, pink, white, etc. It can be in many colors. The appearance and structure of the flowers are layered, simple, with margins It can be lace-shaped or plain. Because of this wide variety most flower lovers prefer this plant.

Does the African Violet Grow Well in America

The African violet, which can bloom all seasons of the year, requires intense attention and proper care. By doing basic care and paying attention to watering and light demand in a suitable environment, it will last a long time. for many years to come. See simple African violet care in the image below we can explain it like this.

Violets are flowers that grow more quickly in humid environments. This is because Therefore, its soil should never be dehydrated. The violet, which requires plenty of water in summer, should be watered less in winter. but you must take care to keep it constantly moist. Attention here you need to make sure that the leaves are absolutely not to get it wet. Water to be used for irrigation for 1-2 days recommended that the water accumulated in the saucer under the pot it is recommended to drain. Excess watering will rot the roots of the flower and it would cause him to die.

One of the main reasons why a healthy violet does not bloom one is the need for light. The violet does not like direct sunlight but it also has flowering problems in shady areas. Sufficient light the problem is solved by moving it to a position where it will take.

Preparing potting soil for African violet in American

Humus and quality soils should be preferred as soil. Violet soil is light, moisture-retaining, drainage that provides oxygen to the roots should be a well-soiled soil. African violet, roots in the pot tends to flower when it reaches the edge. Larger than plant height and deep pots delay flowering. For this reason, Africa violet should be grown in wide pots instead of deep pots.

Pest control of the African Violet in America

Insects and fungus are common in violets. These are is a very damaging condition for the flower. These are caused by too much or too little such as irrigation, dry air, high temperature and improper fertilization for a number of reasons.

Removing 3 leaves from the lower row stimulates new leaf formation. Removing wilted flowers and flower stalks at the end of flowering if it is not removed, it leads to unnecessary loss of moisture. By pruning these parts must be removed.

It has flowers in all shades of purple, pink and white. The flowers are variegated or it can be. Likes bright places out of direct sun environment can remain flowering all year round.

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