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Do pine trees grow in Turkey?

We provide content about Turkish pine trees, are there pine trees in Turkey, types of pine trees and Turkish pine forests. Pine trees grow in Turkey. Pine trees are one of the important tree species of Turkey. Where do pine trees grow in Turkey? Pine trees grow almost everywhere in Turkey. In some big cities it is forbidden to cut and prune the pine tree without permission.

Do pine trees grow in Turkey? Pine trees grow in many regions of Turkey. There is even a forest with only pine trees in Turkey. Pine trees in Turkey grow almost everywhere? Pine, which is a drought-resistant tree species, also loves places that receive precipitation. Pine is one of the types of forest trees and is coniferous. It is a tree that can be seen in every country on every soil. It is divided into different types within itself. There are 5 varieties of pine tree growing in Turkey. These are Larch, red pine, yellow pine, Iranian pine and Aleppo pine. The height of these trees varies depending on the type. In addition, some species can live up to a thousand years, while some species can live from 100 to 300 Dec.

Distribution of pine trees in Turkey

In Turkey, it is forbidden to cut pine trees without permission, especially in big cities. Pine trees are important. Pine trees that grow mainly in the Black Sea, Aegean and Marmara regions in Turkey do not cover the forested areas in the Central Anatolian regions. Trees are very important for the protection of our lands in Turkey. Our state works for the greening of our lands by planting saplings in the vast majority of forest areas that have disappeared for various reasons. Pine trees, on the other hand, are very useful for people even in our daily lives. Turkish pine tree names

The most grown pine tree species in Turkey

  • Badger
  • Cedar
  • Cypress
  • Eastern Spruce
  • Fir
  • Juniper
  • Larch
  • Pistachio pine
  • Road pine
  • Yellow pine

Turkish Pine Trees (statistical information)

How many pine trees grow in Turkey?

  1. Red pine tree distribution: 5,854,672.8 (Ha))
  2. Larch tree distribution: 4,693,059.6 (Ha)
  3. Yellow pine tree distribution: 1,479,647.6 (Ha)
  4. Peanut pine tree distribution: 89,027,5 (Ha)
  5. Aleppo pine tree distribution: 715.0 (Ha)
  6. The total pine tree distribution is estimated: 12.117.120 (Ha)

Most pine trees in Turkey grow in the Black Sea region. As it is known, pine tree species are evergreen plants. For this reason, forest areas remain constantly green in summer and winter months. The Black Sea region has a soil structure that will always maintain this superiority with the maintenance of pine trees and the renewal of certain areas. Pine trees in Turkey

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