Trees should be pruned especially after they have shed their leaves. To give an exact date, the best time for tree pruning in our country is between November and March. Broken, dented and diseased branches on lignified trees are pruned to give the plants proper shapes. What should be considered when pruning? Some rules are listed below. 1. In trees or branches that develop strongly, less cutting should be done, and in those that develop weakly, more cutting should be done. 3. In order to increase the development of weakly developing branches, the angles should be narrowed, and in order to reduce the development of strongly developing branches, the angles should be widened by bending the branches.

Failure to prune fruit trees leads to a lack of quality flowering and crop failure. Therefore, tree pruning should be done at the right time and in the appropriate way. You too “How is tree pruning done?” Pruning Techniques for Different Tree Species Ornamental or fruit trees in gardens are preserved by shaping them with a pruning saw. During tree pruning, the process should be carried out by leaving the weak branches short and the strong branches long. By leaving the strong branches long, you can get more fruit from the tree. Tree pruning techniques vary according to plant species. In ornamental trees and other plants, dry branches should be pruned first.

With the technique called shape pruning, you can create a visual difference in your garden and surroundings by shaving many trees in different patterns. It is useful to distinguish between the main and auxiliary branches of the tree. If a tree does not give side branches, this technique should be used. Through another method, crop pruning, the most extreme branches or eyes on the tree are left pointing towards the outside of the crown. Other branches fill the gaps in the tree. In this way, the plant is exposed to the sun. Small branches on the thick branches of the tree that are not dense should not be pruned. This maximizes the volume of the tree crown.

In which months is it right to prune trees?

Tree pruning should not be done every season. In many trees, pruning should be done during the flowering period, that is, in late spring. In cities with mild winters, pruning can be done in the period after the trees go to rest. In places where winter is harsh, it is not correct to do tree pruning before severe frosts. Tree pruning season is when the leaves fall and spring begins. Therefore, the best period is between November 15 and March 15. Fruit trees are pruned on the same date. During the summer it is normal to thin out the shoots on fruit trees. In summer, pruning can be carried out using small hand tools to ensure better coloration of the fruit. This process, which takes a very short time, contributes to the development of the tree. During these processes, branches that are usually on the trees and prevent development are cut out. Thanks to the cut branches, the tree has a more lush structure. In addition, pruning in the right season ensures that the tree lives for a long time.

What should be considered when pruning trees?

If tree pruning is not done properly, there will be a noticeable decrease in the productivity and development of the plants in the following years. The main purpose of pruning the plant should be to get enough yield from the tree that year. With the right pruning , new shoots can be taken in the following years. In order for a branch to produce fruit and new shoots, an average of one third of the limb of that tree must be cut. Incorrect pruning can prevent the tree from producing new shoots and fruit.

When and how is tree pruning done

If you do too much pruning on a tree, the plant will bear little fruit. On the other hand, over-pruning the tree causes the shoots to increase and become stronger. If you cut too little, the plant will bear more fruit but the shoots will be weak. It is not correct to remove the tips of fruit branches that are shorter than 30 centimeters on average. Keeping these factors in mind, you can prune your plants too. You can safely buy all the products you may need during this process from Trendyol.

What month is the tree pruning season?

We cannot prune trees every season of the year as we wish. Especially leafy trees should be pruned after they shed their leaves. To give a date, the best time for pruning in our country is between November 15 and March 15. The timing of pruning is really important. When is summer pruning done on fruit trees? Summer pruning is an important technical procedure that is especially necessary in the shaping years of fruit trees. In fruit trees, summer pruning can be done at the end of the spring growth period and after the shoots begin to lignify during the summer growth period.

Is pruning done in March? Olive pruning usually starts after harvest. Pruning of green table olive varieties normally starts in November-December. In regions where the product is processed for oil, pruning is done in February and March.

Is it possible to prune in February? Pruning is very common in February. In particular, climbing roses should be pruned, deciduous ornamental plants should be cleaned, apple and pear trees should be pruned while they are still dormant. When and how is tree pruning done in which season? >>

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