There are many pruning methods for the apple tree. Apple tree saplings are pruned differently, adult apples are pruned differently. Why is the apple tree pruned in Sweden? Pruning is done in order to get products from fruit trees quickly, to keep fruit trees in yield period for a long time, to create physiological balance in fruit trees in a short time. It is done in order to ensure that the fruit trees form a strong, regular and balanced crown by regulating the balance of the distribution of the main branches on the trunk. Pruning of fruit trees facilitates the maintenance of fruit trees, pest control and the implementation of technical works. To cut dry, diseased, damaged, broken branches on trees and even weak ones that overlap each other. In order to increase carbon assimilation in fruit trees, cutting some branches so that the trees benefit more from the light. Pruning is done in order to improve the quality of the fruit to be obtained from fruit trees.

When are apple trees pruned in Sweden?

Time to prune apple trees in winter in Sweden; In places with warm winters, the period after the fruit trees enter winter rest is the most suitable time for pruning. It would not be right to prune before severe frosts in places with harsh winters. The most suitable period for pruning fruit trees is the period between the days following leaf fall and the beginning of the spring growth period.

What month should I prune my apple tree in Sweden?

When to Prune Fruit Trees in Summer in Sweden

All of the processes such as dilution of shoots, tipping, bending, bending, mutual connection of branches with each other and widening and narrowing of angles in fruit trees during the summer are called summer pruning. The purpose of summer pruning is to provide better coloration of fruits, to regulate vegetative development, to reduce pruning in winter and to facilitate harvesting and cultural activities.

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