How do you prune an olive tree in Greece?

Olive pruning in Greece, Olive tree pruning time Greece

There are three phases in the olive tree development period. A rapid the influence of the root system in the young stage of development of the leaf is more dominant than that of the system. But this imbalance decreases as the roof develops. Shape pruning by increasing leaf activity through appropriate pruning is done. When root and leaf activities are balanced, productivity and development are becomes. An imbalance between these two functions can occur for any reason. fruiting and development activities can no longer be carried out normally. Leaf/root if the ratio decreases, voracious branches increase.

Shape Pruning of Olive Trees; Trees to be pruned are untouchable in the first year, only without cutting the leaves. by increasing the number of leaves by cutting the ends of the branches to be taken later to increase the leaf/root ratio. In the next pruning, three or form a crown with four main branches. Main branches at a 45-degree angle to the trunk should be selected from those that are connected and developed.

Olive tree pruning in Greece

Shape Pruning of Olive Trees; The most suitable shape in olive cultivation is goblet. If there are different principles for vase formation if the application of shapes is desired should be applied. Shape of olive trees during the youth period There are many forms of giving. But traditionally practiced such as high gobble crowns, harvesting, pruning and control many researchers have used low crowning systems because it strengthens the processes. but for the ease of operation of the stem shakers in machine harvesting recommended crown heights differ. Tree density in the short and medium term low, multi-stemmed plants, single-stemmed plants with high tree density less than the facilities. Demand for mechanization of harvesting allows us to gravitate towards the shape of a tree with a trunk.

How do you prune an olive tree in Greece

Crop Pruning on the Olive Tree; The essence of this pruning is in terms of leaf/root and leaf/wood activities. of trees that have reached equilibrium and have high fruit yields. should be aimed at preserving. Crop pruning in the tree removal of the voracious branches is the most important element. Inside the crown gluttonous branches should not be allowed to develop, they are erect on the branch from which they emerge and close to the trunk, they grow quickly and they weaken the branch they’re on.

The best olive pruning advice in Greece; giving the trees a certain shape and keeping them at maximum by encouraging branch growth in order to increase yields or applied to trees to change their natural growth patterns by preventing is a chain of processes. Even pruning over a period of time, organize or renovate the structure of part or all of the tree to make it possible.

How is tree pruning done in Greece?

  • To give strength to the tree, to make it grow better, to give yield The cutting of useless branches is called “pruning”.
  • To create a strong and crop-producing crown for olive trees, this is the process of cutting to maintain productivity.
  • Rejuvenation pruning is the cutting of the main branches of the tree completely or is to cut it off gradually.

Pruning is practiced in every olive-growing country and is used in terms of garden management. seen as an important factor. Pruning styles, features of the garden, environment differ according to the conditions and traditions from the past. Pruning especially; establishing new gardens, increasing the number of trees per hectare, widespread irrigation, preference of certain types of shaping, some changes such as mechanization and modernization in gardens must adapt to trends. Olive pruning in Greece, Olive tree pruning time Greece >>