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How to prune maple in Norway?

Maples grow naturally in Asia, Europe, the Northern Territories of Africa and North America. In Norway it is often used as an ornamental tree in gardens and parks. The most important feature is that the seeds are double-winged and found in clusters. In addition, the leaves are arranged opposite each other, with elegant pieces and beautiful leaves. The leaves of some species have many parts and some species have few parts. In autumn, the leaves turn yellow-red. Its flowers are yellow-greenish white or purple. It is a very decorative plant because of its colorful leaves. Some slow-growing species are also grown in pots. Some species are also used as hedge plants.

Maple pruning techniques in Norway

In Norway, maple is pruned in summer or autumn. The maples you plant in our garden as ornamental trees are not pruned from the top. In Norway, if maples have damaged, broken, yellowed or diseased branches, they are cut. Maple pruning is not done in the middle of winter. If you have pruned the branches of a maple, you need to cover the cut with various pastes. When the branches of an arrow tree, including maple, are cut, the cut branch must be covered. Otherwise, disease will be transmitted or the tree may rot. Pruning maple in Norway >>

Best tree pruning season in Norway? Since Maple, Birch, Walnut, Black Acacia and Alder species, Poplars are bleeding (flowing) trees, they should be pruned in spring or summer.

How do you take care of a Norway maple?

How to prune maple in Norway?

How to care for a Maple in Norway?; Maple is a light and partial shade tree. What season does the maple love? It is resistant to cold climate conditions. It does not like very arid and hot climates, but it will endure to some extent. The optimal soil for maple is not picky in soil care. It can grow even in calcareous and heavy clay soils. Maple production; It is propagated by propagation methods such as seeds, cuttings, top-dipping and grafting. Maple diseases (pests); It is resistant to insect and fungal diseases. However, aphid, beetle pests, verticillium, fusarium and root collar rot are the most common diseases.

If you are pruning different types of plants and trees in your garden in Norway; It is recommended to disinfect pruning tools. It is not recommended to prune all plants back-to-back with the same tools. This type of pruning can cause diseases of plants and trees.

Maple varieties grown in Norway

  • Acer campestre
  • Acer negundo
  • Acer palmatum
  • Acer platanoides
  • Acer rubrum
  • Acer saccharinum

What are the colors of maple species in Norway? A. negundo: White. A. japonica, A. saccharinum: Yellow A. palmatum, A. palmatum dissectum, A. platanoides: Red: A. japonicum, A. ginnala, A. palmatum, A. dissectum: Leaves turn red in autumn A. campestre, A. negundo: Those with yellow leaves in autumn

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