How do you keep roses from dying in the winter?


How to protect roses from the cold in cold months?

The growing eyes in the old parts of the rose plant are capable of producing shoots in some cases. Protecting plants against frost Therefore, apart from other pruning methods, in regions with very harsh winters, the rose plant is pruned from a height of 10-15 cm and covered with soil, and it is ensured that the winter season can be spent without being damaged by the cold.

Methods of protecting roses in cold weather

Protection by cutting the branches damaged in winter, In the spring season, new shoots occur from the old part that remains under the ground. Apart from this, another cold protection method is to shorten the branches damaged by the cold until they reach the healthy tissue after the rose plant has survived the winter season, regardless of the pruning technique. The main issue here is to save the rose plant.

How to protect plants from the cold?

How do you keep roses from dying in the winter?

If you are growing ornamental plants in the garden or on the balcony all year, you should know both the climatic characteristics of your environment and the plants you grow in order to protect them from the cold in winter. You should know how hardy those plants are to winter. You should investigate how cold it is in winter, where is its homeland, what its natural habitats are, etc.

Protect plants from cold, Sometimes it happens that some plants that are under the snow for days do not die, but the same plants freeze to death in dry air. What is the reason? The reason is that the lethality of one or two degrees below zero is not a single factor in every plant. The long hours of uninterrupted cold, the lack of humidity of the air, the availability of the region to be open to the north winds and cold air waves from the north, and the high air pressure play a role in the lethality of the cold.

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