How high does a Scottish thistle grow?


Where does Scottish thistle grow?

It is known that donkey thorn, which also contributes to the collection of honey by bees, has a diuretic and strengthens all secretory glands. It is stated that the seeds and leaves of the donkey thorn, which is recommended to be used in diseases such as cough, shortness of breath, hemorrhoids, skin acne, boils, cancer, are good for kidney pain. Donkey thistle, which is used by drinking after the flower tray is scalded with boiling water, can also be used by boiling its roots.

Thistles features in Scotland

How tall do thistles grow? The donkey thorn, which can grow by itself in stony and barren lands, reaches 30 – 100 cm in length. It is from the daisy family. This plant, which can live for 1 or 2 years, grows in barren lands and fields. The cannabis plant, which is thin and hooked, blooms well in July and August. In July and August, the color of the donkey thorn takes on the purple and white color. The flowers of the donkey thorn are fragrant when they are wet, but when they dry, their scent disappears completely.

Thistles features in Scotland

Neutralizes the harms of smoking; When donkey thistle is consumed frequently, it helps to eliminate the harmful effects of smoking, thanks to its blood-cleansing feature. Where does Scottish thistle grow? Are Scottish thistles poisonous?

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