You can find extensive content about all plants grown around the world on this web page. Among the topics of our study of plants; there will be flowers, trees, fruits, forests and agricultural plants. In particular, we will give importance to examine a plant every day. Especially people living in the city are very accustomed to growing indoor ornamental plants in their homes and workplaces. These plants, which we will examine in the category of potted plants, are called ornamental plants. Plants grown in pots can be flowering or non-flowering. There are many who prefer pot plants for their showy leaves and showy flowers. Information about all flowers; The flowers are divided into different groups among themselves. Seasonal Flower Types, Seasonal flower varieties are also divided into different types among themselves. For example, there are annual seasonal flowers and perennial seasonal flowers. There are ornamental trees used in garden and landscape areas. Information on ornamental trees grown and used for ornamental purposes around the world from A to Z.

Information about plants, a plant every day, types of trees, types of flowers, fruit trees, agricultural products, useful plants, plant care, ornamental plants, gardening, landscaping, garden plants, indoor plants etc. Information about Flower Types, Information about the most beautiful blooming plants and fragrant flowers. Extensive content on the description and care of all flower varieties. What Are the Types of Trees? Information about the most beautiful trees, fruit trees and ornamental trees. All kinds of trees. Information about all trees. Indoor plant species, The most beautiful indoor flower varieties that can be grown at home, in the living room, in the office, on the balcony. North American plant species, North America has its own unique plants. Depending on the climate, different plants can grow here.

Information About Flowers

Garden flowers are ornaments used in the arrangement of various areas such as home, school, park, square and median. are plants. It has a herbaceous structure, short or long-lasting, different colors and forms, beautiful and effective. There are specimens that bloom in spring, summer and autumn. They are even more important for small home gardens where large trees and shrubs cannot be accommodated. Flowers they always form the most eye-catching and colorful building elements of parks and gardens. Wide areas, short Garden flowers are the most suitable in cases where it is desired to make them colorful and vibrant in a timely manner. are plants. One of the most important features of these is that they have the opportunity to change every year. This Therefore, they create working flexibility in gardening.

Examples of garden flowers; Begonia tuberosa, Canna indica, Dahlia variabilis, Gladiolus, Hyacinthus ori., Lilium candidum, Narcissus pseu., Paeonia officinalis, Tulipa hybrida, Achillea millefolium, Alcea rosea, Chrysanthemum ind., Chrysanthemum max., Delphinum hyb., Dianthus cory., Gailardia, Hemoracallis hyb., Kniphofia, Phlox paniculata, Yucca flamentosa, Cerastium Tomentosum, Senecio Cineraria, ─░resine Herbstii etc.

Information About Trees

Important tree species covering forest areas; Pinus sylvestris, Pinus nigra, Pinus brutia, Cedrus libani, Picea orientalis, Abies, Fagus, Quercus cerris etc. You can search our page for information about all trees. The most important benefit of forests is that they are a source of oxygen. Plants take carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthesis; gives oxygen to the air. There is 21% oxygen in the air. Forests produce 56% of this amount. In our cities, these rates are lower. An adult pine tree converts the carbon dioxide that 40 people give to the air in an hour into oxygen in 1 hour. 1 hectare of pine forest filters 36.4 tons of dust from the air. 1 hectare of pine forest produces 30 tons of oxygen per year. All Trees >>