France is one of the 5 countries with veto power in the United Nations. Therefore, it is a country that has an important position in the United Nations. France is one of the countries with the best diplomacy in the world. France is one of the countries with nuclear power in the world. There are 59 nuclear power plants in total in the country.

How many cities are in France in total?

  1. Paris
  2. Nice
  3. Marsilya
  4. Bordeaux
  5. Lyon
  6. Strazburg
  7. Toulouse
  8. Montpeliler
  9. Lille
  10. Cannes
  11. Grenoble
  12. Nantes
  13. Avignon
  14. Le Havre
  15. Annency
  16. Aix en provence
  17. Toulon
  18. Nimes
  19. Dijon
  20. Rouen
  21. Antibes
  22. Colmar
  23. Grasse
  24. Nancy
  25. Ajaccio
  26. Carcassonne
  27. Biarritz
  28. Rennes
  29. La Rochelle
  30. Tours
  31. Menton
  32. Saint Tropez
  33. Angers
  34. Saint Etienne
  35. Versay
  36. Orleans
  37. Arles
  38. Saint Paul De Vence
  39. Blois
  40. Clermont Ferrand
  41. Saint Malo
  42. Saint Emillion
  43. Pergipnan
  44. Caen
  45. Reims
  46. Albi
  47. Vannes
  48. Limoges
  49. Martigues
  50. Pau
  51. Bourg en Bresse

What is the Capital of France?

The capital of France is Paris. Paris is also the largest city in France. France is a city located on the Seine River. The total population of Paris is 2.1 million. The city of Paris was named after the people of Gaul. Paris is a city that is one of the cultural capitals of the world. There are famous places such as the Champs-Elysées square, the Eiffel Tower and cantons in the city. What is the prettiest French city? >>

What is the longest French city name? France Cities

What is the Population of France? The total population of France is 67 million. What is the Area of ​​France? The total area of ​​France is 643,801 square kilometers. What is France’s Area Code? The international dialing code for France is +33. What is France’s Postal Code? France’s postal code 18000, 18001 CEDEX, 18002 CEDEX

Agriculture and Livestock in France, cultivated areas in France cover 60% of the cadastral national land (approximately 34.5 million hectares); this was shared among arable land (17 M ha), pastures (14 M ha), vineyards, orchards and poplars.

Grains are leading in agricultural production. Wheat, barley, corn, oats and rice are the main products.

What are the Names of All the Cities in France?

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