Although we just call them roses in general, there are actually different types of roses. All roses smell good. They are similar in shape but have different names.

What is the Latin name for rose? In general, rooted seedlings are grown with seeds, cuttings and grafts. greenhouse rose The rootstock production required for this is made from seed or cuttings. The Latin name for the rose is known as “Rose”. Rose is a long-lived plant that can grow between 1-2 meters. It has abundant fringe roots. The trunk and branches are thorny. Its flowers have 5 sepals. Male organs are yellow-headed. The colors of roses; pink, white, red, yellow, orange may be in color. The berries of rose hips, which are wild roses, are rich in vitamin C. Crossbreeding studies on roses have led to the formation of hundreds of new cultural forms.

Rose names in alphabetical order

Roses are known by various names according to their colors and types. The most used rose names are as follows; Rose Names from A to Z >>

What are the names of roses
  1. Bush Rose
  2. Chinese rose
  3. Frank Rose
  4. Ivy Rose
  5. Miniature rose
  6. Pink rose
  7. Red rose
  8. Rhododendron
  9. Rosa multiflora
  10. Rosa canina
  11. White Rose
  12. Yellow Rose

Types of Roses According to Usage Areas

Yellow rose, what are the names of roses
  • Large-flowered hedge roses: consistently plentiful into the colder months, including the year they were first planted. blooms. They make large volumes, form very nicely and are often single-flowered. They are simple and very long-lasting. They make 60-110 cm height.
  • Small-flowered hedge roses: Distinguished from the above species by their clustered flowers. A There are multiple small or medium sized flowers on the stem. This feature is very decorative. makes them plants. They bloom year-round, blooming profusely and rustically. Height 60 – 100 cm reaches.
  • Large-flowered climbing roses: These are climbing roses, blooming continuously, usually They do not bloom until the 2nd year after planting. Its flowers are similar to those of hedge roses. They are hardy, bloom profusely and spread over large areas.
  • Small-flowered climbing roses: They are extremely hardy and take up large areas. It is dazzling because its flowers are in clusters and abundant. They bloom constantly.
  • Landscape roses: They bloom continuously, although their size varies according to the variety. they are very hardy, simple and bloom profusely. Large, medium and small according to varieties They can be flowering. For covering large areas, as a hedge plant and for separating an area they can be used.
  • Cane roses: desired on a cane-like stem free of thorns Obtained by grafting from height. Grafted roses are large single-flower or panicle; they can flower.
  • Wrapping roses: These are roses that are frequently used in garden arrangements. in pergolas, columns, they are effective in wrapping the trunks of old trees. It has striking colors and they develop fast. There are small and large bloomers as well as large bloomers.

What are the rose types (names) used indoors?

Miniature roses: Miniature roses are a perfect but tiny piece of their kind, almost like a bonsai. Plant height does not exceed 30-40 cm. Its flowers are the size of a coin. In the garden It can be easily grown as a pot plant. Rose Names >>

How many types of roses are there? What are the names of roses?

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