Which flowers grow in which cities in Norway?

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What vegetation in Norway? The general vegetation of the country is forests and meadows. Coniferous forests dominate in the highlands and tundra vegetation in the north. Due to the landforms

What flowers are sold in Stockholm

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Cytisus x praecox, It is 2 m tall. It is a densely branched, broad, spreading shrub. Its summer green leaves are 2 cm long and lanceolate. It blooms in May.

Do roses grow in the south of France?

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Among the greatest defenders of the French rose, Empress Josephine determined her time and the fate of the passion for roses in France. Thanks to her persistence, the Malmaison garden

How do you use marshmallow flowers?

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What does marshmallow flower oil do? It is a plant that is perfect for use in the treatment of flu and cough. People with hair loss problems can use marshmallow

How to Care for Begonia Flower?

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When watering Begonia, it is necessary to make sure that all parts of the soil are evenly wetted. If possible, it should always be watered at the same time and

What are the best sunflowers to grow for cutting?

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Sunflower requires a total temperature around 2600 – 2850 °C during the growing period (100 – 150 days). Due to its deep and taproot system, its production performance in soils