What to do in monthly garden maintenance?

Gardening is usually done in the front or backyard of a house and is intended to grow plants and make the garden look beautiful. Gardening includes activities such as tilling, mulching, watering, growing ornamental plants, growing vegetables and garden maintenance.

What is garden maintenance? How to Maintain a Garden? Know Your Garden Well. Irrigate Correctly.
Don’t Neglect Lawn Care. Garden care starts with tree pruning. Do not neglect aerating the soil. Feed the soil by spraying and fertilizing. Use eggshells. Remove weeds. What can be done to improve the fertility of garden soil? In order to make the soil fertile, the work to be done is to mix the existing garden soil by adding sand or shale if it has clay in its structure, or clay soil if it has a sandy structure. Thanks to this practice, the soil is wet and becomes rich in nutrients.

Garden Maintenance, We do monthly garden maintenance in Garden, Private property and public areas. Regular maintenance of gardens makes your garden looks more alive. We offer solutions for the care of evergreens in gardens, control of lawn areas, lawn shape, seasonal pruning and maintenance. Grass shape and pruning, plantings are done in different months and seasons. Your gardens are kept alive by taking care of these seasons and months. Our garden maintenance teams consist of experienced garden experts and gardeners. When necessary, the landscape architect comes and makes a general study about the condition of the gardens. Monthly garden maintenance is a job that requires experience and knowledge. Monthly garden maintenance >>

How to Do Monthly Garden Maintenance?

What maintenance will you do in your garden every month? You can find out what is done monthly in garden maintenance works, in which month pruning and planting is done, in our article on the vaccine.

  1. January; General care of the plants is done. Precautions are taken against the freezing risk of the plants that will be damaged in the cold. The grass can be covered. Some tree species are pruned
  2. February; Pruning of tree species of plants can be done. The rotten and established branches are separated. Planting is done in some plant species.
  3. March; Planting trees and shrubs, preparation for flowering, general cleaning of grass areas.
  4. April; Some tree species are pruned, Regular grass cutting and lawn care is done. The bottoms of the blooming and blooming plants are ventilated.
  5. May; Lawn care, shaping bush types, care of blooming plants, pest control, garden spraying can be done.
  6. June; Attention is paid to the irrigation times of the lawn. When the grass length is 7-8 cm, the grass in the whole area should be mowed at regular intervals.
  7. July; General maintenance of lawns and plants is done, attention is paid to irrigation. General garden cleaning
  8. August; If there is dry grass, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions in the lawn areas. If there are insects that harm the garden, the garden is sprayed by garden sprayers.
  9. September; Garden cleaning is done. Lawn mowing is done regularly. According to the seasonal situation, the wilted flowers of annual flower types are cleaned.
  10. October; The tree pruning season has begun. Pruning of plant varieties, shrubs and tree species in the garden can be started. Pruning of fruit trees can also be done later.
  11. November; All kinds of trees are pruned. The pruning of the bush species and the care of the trees are done.
  12. December; If frost is not present, tree pruning is done. Grasses are covered in the gardens. Plants that are not resistant to cold are wrapped.
What to do in monthly garden maintenance?

How is work done in the garden every month? >> You can do the work given above for regular monthly garden maintenance. A list of important jobs in monthly garden maintenance is given. You can do a different planting – planting – care for your garden every month.