What language does Kazakhstan speak?

Kazakhstan is essentially a people of Turkish origin. Kazakh or Kazakh Turkish is one of the modern Turkic written languages ​​spoken in Kazakhstan, belonging to the Kipchak group. Besides Kazakh Turkish, Russian is also spoken. Kazakh Turkish and Russian are spoken in Kazakhstan, which has a population of 19 million.

Is Kazakhstan Russian or Arabic? Arabic is not spoken as a language in Kazakhstan. It was written and spoken before. But at the moment it is not used in arabic. Almost all Kazakhs can speak the Russian language in Kazakhstan. There may be very few people who speak and write arabic in Kazakhstan, but it is definitely not spoken on a daily basis. Russia is spoken almost everywhere.

Is Kazakh language similar to Russian?

Is Kazakh language similar to Russian

Until a few years ago, Kazakhs used the Cyrillic alphabet. With a decision taken by the state, the Latin alphabet started to be used. Education began in schools with the Latin alphabet. The Latin alphabet was started to be used so that the Kazakh language would not be forgotten in the face of Russian. Kazakh Turkish is very close to the Turkish language spoken in Turkey.

Do Kazakhstan people speak Russian? People of Kazakhstan can speak and write Russian. Almost all Kazakhs speak Russian. But the language of education has gradually started to be made with Kazakh Turkish. What language is spoken in Kazakhstan? >>

Can the people of Kazakhstan speak Turkish?

The language of the nation of Kazakhstan belongs to the Turkic language family group. Kazakhs speak Kipchak Turkish. In other words, in essence, the people of Kazakhstan can speak Turkish, there is only a dialect difference. 80 – 90% words are close to each other between Kazakh and Turkish. What language group does Kazakh belong to? >>

Around 26 million people worldwide speak Kazakh. Kazakhstan has started to switch from the Cyrillic alphabet to the Latin alphabet in order to be closer to the Turkish language group. Kazakh language belongs to the Turkish language family spoken in Turkey.

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