What is the history of bay leaf?

Mythological story of bay leaf, history of bay leaf

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What Does the Laurel Symbolize?

In Greek mythology, Apollo, the son of Zeus, encounters the God of Love, Eros, in the sky one day and makes sarcastic remarks about his archery skills. Angered at this, Eros swears that he will make Apollo taste the pain of his arrows. Prepares two arrows; one of them will give eternal love and passion to the person he is stuck with; the other will distance it completely from love. According to mythology, one day, Apollo saw the beautiful nymph Daphne by the Peneus river, whose banks were shaded by trees, in Thessalia. Eros, who realizes that the time for revenge has come, stabs the arrow of love into Apollo’s heart. Apollo fell head over heels in love with Daphne, the daughter of the River God. But unfortunately, the arrow of hate also pierced into Daphne’s heart. What does bay leaf mean? >>

Mythological story of the Bay Leaf

What is the history of bay leaf?

Daphne will constantly run away from Apollo and reject his love. The strong and handsome Apollo, the god of light and music, goes to the forest every day to watch Daphne’s beauty. Fearing Apollo, Daphne realizes that she can’t stand it any longer while she is running away again one day. Thereupon, the earth mother and father ask the River God for help. Just as Apollo was about to catch Daphne, the young girl’s body suddenly began to become heavy, her feet began to take root in the ground, her arms turned into branches and her hair turned into leaves. The beautiful Daphne will forever remain as the Laurel Tree. Her heartbeats can still be heard when Apollo reaches her. Seeing this, Apollon is very upset and hugs the tree and says that he is in love with it, that he will make the tree live forever and will not make him forget. Laurel leaf, which is identified with Apollo from now on, symbolizes victory as the crown of heroes. 

Other names of the laurel plant

  • Laurel and mr in English
  • Laurier in French
  • Lorbeer in German
  • Laurel in Spanish
  • Alloro, lauro in Italian
  • Lager in Swedish
  • Daphane in Greek
  • lavr in Russian
  • Ghar in Arabic
  • Yueh-kuei in Chinese
  • Gekke iju in Japanese

Information About the Bay Tree

Bay Tree Ecology, Bay leaf likes places with mild winters and hot summers, and prefers stream beds with sufficient humidity, although the soil demand is not high. It is also seen on arid southern slopes, where there is no leachate or a humid in-stream environment, but open to sea influence. The cluster usually forms a group under other maquis species and red pine. The soil structure is loam, sandy loam, loamy sand, sandy clay loam, clayey loam, clay, and the soil pH is between 6.70 and 7.96. It is known that laurel likes calcareous, humous and cool soils. The average temperature of the areas where it grows naturally rarely falls below zero and the annual precipitation is 600–2000 mm. varies between.

Its vertical spread begins at sea level, reaching 1000 m in the south and even 1100 m individually. can go up to. The most important factor affecting the spread of laurel is soil and air humidity. It has been observed that the laurel generally grows on the edge of the stream, where the ground water is high, or at heights open to the humid winds of the sea. What is the meaning of bay leaf? >>