December 19, 2022

Names of fruit trees that can grow in Germany

What fruits are native to Germany

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of fruit is grown in Germany. The first of these is the apple tree. We will give information about fruit trees growing from agricultural areas in Germany. Germany is a fruit and vegetable in the middle of Europe. It is a vegetable garden. Climatic conditions and associated heat differences, for example, the sugar ratio of apples is very moderate, so it tastes amazing. The Bodensee lake region, the Alte Land region near Hamburg, Saxony and the Rhine basin are the most well-known apple and pear growing regions. European species diversity there is nothing like it in general. Apple grown for sale The number of species is over 60. Apple, pear, cherry, sour cherry, damson, strawberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, blackberries and raspberries – in this assortment everyone There is always a fruit for your taste. The names of the plants that grow in Germany and are among the fruit species of Germany are as follows.

What fruits are native to Germany?

Germany; It is a country of technology, hard rules and clean environment. Quality standards in fruit and vegetable production is high. Because besides legal provisions, German quality in line with consumer high expectations products demand. Fruits of Germany >>

  • Cestanea sativa Mill.
  • Citrus aurantium L.
  • Citrus bergamia Riss et Poit
  • Citrus lemon (L) Burm.
  • Citrus paradisi Macf.
  • Citrus reticulata Blanco
  • Citrus sinensis (L) Osb.
  • Crataegus oxyacantha L
  • Cydonia oblonge Mill
  • Elaeagnus angustifolia L.
  • Ficus carica L.
  • Fortunella spp.
  • Fragaria L.
  • Juglans regia L
  • Malus communis L.
  • Maspilus germanica L.
  • Morus alba L.
  • Morus nigra L.
  • Morus rubra L.
  • Musa paradisiciai L
  • Olea europaea L.
  • Persea americana Mill.
  • Prunus armeniaca L.
  • Prunus avium L.
  • Prunus cerasifera Ehrh.
  • Prunus cerasus L.
  • Prunus domestica L.
  • Prunus nectaria L.
  • Prunus persica L.
  • Prunus saliciana Lindl.
  • Punica granatum L.
  • Pyrus communis L.
  • Pyrus pyrifolia
  • Ribes nigrum L.
  • Ribes rubrum L.
  • Rosa canina
  • Rubus fructicous L
  • Rubus ideaus L.
  • Vitis vinifera L.

How are German fruits grown?

Names of fruit trees that can grow in Germany, What fruits are native to Germany

Employees of German horticultural enterprises are high are qualified personnel. Horticultural training is usually three It lasts for years and is awarded under the dual education system: Officially recognized as a training provider While there is practical training in an enterprise with In addition, courses are taken at the vocational school. Every year, Germany provides special training to thousands of experts in the field of gardening. In the enterprises, foremen, technicians and engineers are at the beginning of production, growing plants and new are involved in the development of products. your states experimental institutions to the rapid knowledge transfer in practice they support. Colleges and research institutions has a good network, raises new generations of scientific and researches in line with innovative horticulture. What is the easiest fruit tree to grow? >>